Sunday, 2 February 2014

FGM - Poor females.

Hello everyone.
Happy new month. It's the month of loooveee February!
Inform us if you do get a gift :-D. Me? Oh I shall be biting my nails or posting myself a card at least that'd be me getting something from someone (Missy Tee also known as me) in love with me... I love me too.
We'll get there! Pray for Missy Tee.

Moving on,
I watched a documentary in great horror and I could not believe that people could be so inconsiderate. The Channel 4 documentary was about FGM...Female Genital Mutilation. I really don't want to go too far into deets about this topic because it's heartbreaking.
Why oh why oh why? What's the reasonable rationale for this?
Why would you just go and cut............oh dear! No proper instruments (not that there should be), no proper care afterwards, great deep pain. Honestly why?
I found myself cringing almost throughout the programme. Ladies gave accounts of their experience and all I could say was 'unbelievable'.
The lady that led the documentary explained to some guys what FGM was about and said this is done because of and for you guys. They didn't really seem bothered and then she showed them the process and one of them couldn't stand it. He practically felt unwell and had to go outta the building. He was SO dazed.
Another lady explained that the amount of pain and tear (I think) she experienced and had during childbirth was beyond this world. Obviously, Drs would have had to 'make amends' for the baby to come into the world. Oh my gosh!! Childbirth is enough pain already not to talk of adding the effect of FGM.
This left me with so many questions. The leader sent a letter to the Sec of State...because she is woman and would be able to relate/understand what they are after (trying to reduce at least the rate ) and join their campaign. But nope! They got a response to the letter from a MAN who according to her didn't really understand what she was trying to achieve.

Why would cultures undertake this kinda act?
 Why exactly is that measure thought to be effective?
How can the perpetrators stand to watch an innocent teenager go through that much pain?
Do they weigh present benefits and does that outweigh future 'benefits'? (Obviously NO!)

I can't put pictures or anything as such up for obvious reasons.

I am short of words mehn!

Have a wonderful month y'all!

Lots of love

PS. I saw the movie:  12 years a slave. The amount of beating in that movie was painful absolutely painful. It kind of reminded me of those days in Secondary School (although it wasn't as much as that but .....still reminded me of school). Lupita and Chiwetel - Welldone. I don't think I'll be watching it again not that it's not a good movie, but all that flogging!!
Okay see ya!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pride - what I've learnt from you


Hello everyone

So this is a topic that has been on my mind for a while and I find myself talking about it indirectly almost all the time.
People sometimes cannot help but be so proud. Their shoulder pads are higher than those of our beloved village women. I definitely know people who I look at and go please stop being so proud.
You see, I have experienced some kinda pride in  people that I almost want to say you sound like a broken record.

A few scenarios;

I was way younger then when I called this lady ( I'm going to call her this lady in this post for confidentiality purposes and pretty much so she doesn't know it's her). She saw a friend who came to visit (who happens to be a well-known blogger here on blogsville) off and innocent teenage me called to see if she was alright as she didn't arrive back home on time. Goodness, she spoke to me as though she was talking to some slave from 1842. I wanted to melt, that was the gravity of how she spoke. If only I could have yanked her hair from where I was. You see this lady acts as though she is on the highest of the highest class and every other person is under feet. I HATE THAT!
She got married and we haven't seen each other ever since but because I am very niceee I have reached out to her.
Sometimes I try to reason why she is like so but 85% of the time I cannot just comprehend.

Pride goes before destruction (Prov 16.8), I definitely do not want her to fall which is why I wanted her to desperately change at the time.
I realised one thing, you cannot change everyone. They'll always be what they choose and decide to be. However they wish to carve themselves that's how they'll be. This is not a new story of course.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello 2014! 2013 in a nutshell...not entirely!

Amazing individuals,
Happy new year and a very merry Christmas in serious arrears.
Where have I been you ask?
I have been to London to visit the Queen, I saw lil' Prince George, Kate is ever so nice. She kept smiling. Prince William? Oh he wasn't around.
I gave Prince George the Nigerian flag, I hope they keep it safe for him so when he gets older he'll know a Nigerian has been to say hello and left him a little souvenir. The Queen is also very charming.


Oh you haven't been to see the Queen and Prince George? breaking news-------- I haven't either. If you believed that, then I need to give you a great big hug.

Happy Happy Happy New Year. I actually begged my siblings to do  guest posts but they are oh so busy. I hope they someday get to share their interesting stories here - yes they are quite interesting which is why I asked them to share.

2013 was a uhm year altogether - Thank God. It went by fast, again saw some of my people (including Baby T. Hey Baby T!- my amazing little big girl) that I hadn't seen in yearssss.

1. Visited a city again after a decade and could not even recognise some streets.
2. My orthodontist happily placed braces in again....I don't mind because you won't notice - no I don't have 'such' teeth. It's just a correction after having a 'dental accident' a while back.

Found this easier than writing

3. I took  a taxi by myself in a city that I knew barely any routes (Thank you Lord for creating google maps). The taxi driver thought I totally knew where he was talking about, I did kinda but oh well.
Monday, 4 November 2013

Some things I've been up to..... Bits and Bobs!

Lovely individuals,

How are you all doing?

Stale gist - Kim Kardash is engaged (again) to daddy Nori - hmmmm it is well. Hot cake...everyone wants to be Kimmie's hubby.

Anyway, so clocks went back an hour last weekend and I think I was indifferent to this change though. I (we) had to ice a cake the next morning so perhaps that was the reason.
Yes a baby that was born last year, turned one this year - duh! He's the cutest boy ever, well so far.
So I made him a cake and man was I impressed with the outcome of the cake - the idea I had in mind didn't turn out right - blame the silly silicon train cake mould. It messed up big time.
I also made another the following weekend for one of my little girls, she turned 11-2. She did like it so it was good even if I say so myself *looks away*
Le Sisto came through on both and helped  out. Thanks missy.

1st Birthday
....and the other
I attended another wedding and man Nigerians know how to party and twist songs. First up, we got to the church late and everyone had gone. Therefore, we went straight to the reception. That didn't start until 3ish, the bridesmaids dresses were so bright I almost needed sunshades (exaggerating) as in serious bright blue, could have been a little subtle.

The fight for the bouquet was nasty.  Thank goodness I didn't even dream of going up there to catch it. One of the girls fell and got back up only to start arguing that she caught it first and the other snatched it. It was a mess!
The host had to get involved - it was that serious. Ladies, we can be dramatic at times.
Anyway, the lady that was accused of snatching the bouquet said 'oh I've caught a total of 11 bouquets' and I just could not help it but oh please girl, use the path and find you a seat!!!
Then to end the fight, the host said the band leader is still single and Miss 11 Bouquets was the first to run away.

I decided to wear heels to the wedding, I just kept looking round and hoping none of those restless kiddies bump into me and trip a sister in front of everyone. Serious embarrassment!
Anyway, they didn't but I still had to walk a bit in them though but we made it phew! My sneakers were happy to receive my feet though and vice versa.
The bride tried though - she's married which is ace.

It's November, can you imagine?

It's 11pm, I am so tired and it's only Monday hmm....bedtime

P.S. I need a new phone and cannot decide on what to get. I wanted the LG G2 or HTC one but they doesn't have a microSd slot so they are off the list, and The Nexus? Hmmmm


the iPhone 5c is too 'thin'

 the Samsung S4 is pretty good but common,

Blackberry Z10- hmmm,

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - hmmmmm


What do you think?
My current phone is approaching it's 4th year and it has really done well (can't believe I used the same phone for almost 4 years - well it was that good I guess). It's acting up now so it's time to change. Please please please I need your opinions/suggestions. Thank you

Have a great week.


Monday, 14 October 2013

After the ordeal is the testimony - Thankful!


Amazing people!

I am back again with a testimony this time.

So it was a Monday morning, I was stuck in traffic and seriously moaning. Got to Uni half an hour late, took me x2 of the time to get there. 

While I was on my way, Le sisto replied my text saying Le Cuz was involved in an accident. My face changed and I yelled Jesus in my head. Thank God I was able to keep my cool in public. 
She told me to go check the picture out and I was dazed, all I was bothered about was Le Cuz - is he alright? Able to stand? Broken bones?
The car was a complete write off, bonnet up in the air, headlights off, grill missing, radiator on show. A great big mess.

I was just counting down to returning home so I could call him. I could not call him there and then due to phone issues.

I went through the day thanking God that at least he is alive and able to post a picture (below)...... Still thanking God.
His car and caption.

Once I was able to call him, I was eagerly waiting for him to pick his phone. It felt like it rang for forever before he finally answered. It felt like the longest 30secs or so ever.

I completely forgot about the usual hello and blah blah (seriously, who would remember manners in that moment?). All I asked was 'are you okay?' And my darling cuz said apart from just waking up, I am 100% fine. I kept asking over and over again. 
He was so thankful and told me about how it all happened.

Not in his exact words but my understanding:
A car rammed his car (in motion) and while he tried to avoid the car, he still got hit and his car hit a barrier or something and spun outta control. It finally came to a halt and his door (miraculously) appeared to be open. He took his seatbelt off and just walked outta the car. Intact my people intact!!
Now Le Cuz is pretty tall and if anything/ if we calculate it with human minds, he shouldn't have been able to really get outta the car like a petite person.  But our faithful almighty great God brought him out.

I typed a post and saved it as a draft, I planned on posting it on Saturday but I didn't get to post it. Guess who was also a part of the post? Le Cuz! It was a topic in reference to a conversation we had - to be posted later. I just typed this not knowing this was going to be the next post (also involving or more like about him).
I also randomly sent him an IM yesterday just asking 'how are you?', I never knew about all of this........but I don't want to call it randomly, let say 'spirit led'. 

In his words, 'I went back into my car and picked my phone, wallet and keys. I tried calling the police and my hands were shaking. It was a traumatic experience'

All I kept saying to him was I am glad you are okay, you are more important than the car. I (we) still need you so I'm glad not taking a flight out for the wrong reasons, I will get to see you again. I can thank God on your behalf. His siblings and parents are also thankful I'm sure.

I'm grateful to the almighty infinite Father, the protector, the commander in chief of the armed forces of heaven, the uncreated creator, the bright morning star, God of Moses, David, Esther, Ishmael and Hagar, in fact the father of all. Thank you sir! Please help thank Him.

What I learnt from this: do not take the things you can do for granted because it could be gone in a second. 

May we all not experience tragedy in our lives - better say amen and claim it.

Le Cuz - I love you so very much, and may God never leave your side even as He has shown you with this ordeal that you are secure in His hands.


Have a safe week y'all.
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Please vote! Topsy for Miss Asia Pacific World

Hey guys.

Thanks to you all that commented on my last post.

So I need your help!!!
My friend is contesting for the crown of Miss Asia Pacific World in South Korea (she loves contests ehn). Honestly I wonder how she gets through all these pageants, she's very bold  though. She might be reading so I have to praise her only *waving* Hi Topsy!
She was Miss University Africa Nigeria 2011 - Found a clip, see below. Oh and I think she also contested for Miss Global Nigeria 2013 and now this one.. It is well - standing in front of all those people during the event, I would just faint (maybe not, at least I managed to win one contest years ago and was first runner up in the second one *rolls eyes* I did try nowwwwww but jeez my nerves were through the roof - let me praise myself a bit lol).

So please please please click on the link and vote. Let's take Naija to South Korea (sorry I just had to).

So here's what you have to do (2 easy steps):

1. Visit (Click here): Topsy's page
2. Scroll down and please vote for her (so she doesn't cut my head off since I am part of the supporters club and we haff to play our role, she can beat all the other ladies, take the crown and sash home and share the prizes with us of course :-D)
Thank you so very much you guys. I'll share cabin biscuit with all of you along with chewing gum and sweet (If you attended primary school in Nigeria, then you'll understand).

Original image48,4 KB

Have a good weekend loves.
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Friday, 27 September 2013

I must be fat by force

Hello lovelies

Lately I've heard a lot of ladies say things like 'I'm too fat', ' I need to hit the gym'. I just give 'em the 'purleaseee move' look.
Can you imagine?
You guys can't understand. Perhaps I need to start talking more about how to gain weight for ladies who want to.

from right to left. Source

Okay this is my story *ahem* Story as in weight-wise!

I am NOT fat, as in NOT at all. In fact, I've never been 'fat' and when I say fat I mean going past size 8. This is annoying. I need to get past 9st. I am not a model (for now) although I've been in a couple of contests-  I enjoyed them though but I need to get fat as in fleshy. Not extremely fat but fleshy (catch my drift?).

Sometimes it's my fault - I do not eat enough. I can feed the entire nation and ensure they get fat in one day but when it's time for me to feed myself, I don't eat as much.
I've been scolded so many times by friends and family but I can't help it, I cannot control my weight - I have no reason whatsoever why this is/was but I don't like at all.

When I do eat, I always unconsciously do things that involves a lot of energy such as walking or cleaning or studying (yes requires plenty energy) and before I know it the 'fat' has gone.
Le Sisto once took a walk with me (almost 2hrs) and man she could not believe it. She hasn't been on a walk with me for a while now. Can't blame her, no she's not as slim as I am.

There's was a time I lost 6kg in a week, that was a shocker and a wake up call for me.


Sometimes I look at my pictures from the past (when I was a bit fleshy) and compare them to my non-fleshy pictures and I just smile and sigh.

I used to skip breakfast on a school day, and barely have lunch and then have dinner.
On a free day, I'd have breakfast at 11 and then the rest follow on later and later and later.

There was a day I actually 'forgot' to eat. I sat on my bed and thought to myself, what did you eat today? Then I realised I hadn't eaten. It was a busy day I think (my excuse).

But I am turning a new leaf, changing these habits RIGHT NOW.
I want to get fat as in become a size 12 or 14.


So I've been trying to feed myself more these days and with plenty junk as well.
What else can a sister do to gain some extra 'fat/flesh'?
All of thee that are trying to lose weight? Do you have any tips for the opposite.
I shall update you on this journey!

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Parental Guidance or Decision?


Hey lovelies

I'm trying to redeem my image and blog frequently like before so please bear with me.

It's no news to anyone that parents often coerce their children into doing (studying) things they do not want to.
Then they sometimes end up confusing them.
It's fine for parents to 'guide and support' their children in what they want to do and provide appropriate advice. But they often do not see the wonders a child can perform in their chosen field, rather they just look forward saying Drs, Lawyers, Engineers always hit it big so they must be in that line.


I was in boarding school for a bit and every morning, the house matron said 'I want you all to be like Okonjo-Iweala'. Who wants to hear that every morning when we are meant to be praying but hey I still appreciate the fact till date that she set a goal for us and we are by His grace working towards that, minus the headgear.


Years ago, a friend of mine spoke about what her mother wanted her to do and that hit me hard. She said with emphasis that 'momsy wants me to be a blah blah bla'. I didn't want to start going into too much detail but I just listened and encouraged her. She's a graduate now and I still wonder if she is really happy in that line.

I also heard a story about a guy who studied medicine just because his parents insisted. This young man finished med school and framed his certificate and gave it to his father. He picked up his paint brush, pencils and whatever is used for art and ran with it.

Is there anyone that can tell his or her parents that after high school, I want to become a singer (meaning no more school) and they'll say okay darling, that's fine. Some might but certainly some will say the child is high on helium. Instead they'll hire extra tutors for their kids when they just are not interested in a subject, they believe they aren't 'pulling their weight'. This makes school drag and just a phase for them rather than an interesting time.


The movie Good deeds, Wesley Deeds wanted to be a biker but his father did not approve of that so he had to stick with the goal of taking over his father's business. He later gave up and followed his passion.

When an individual is stuck doing something they do not want to do, they end up ageing quick (I think), being grumpy, struggling and finding every work day stressful and unbearable.

It does work out for some and not so well for others.

When an individual does something he or she is interested in, it becomes second nature and work is not 'stressful' because you enjoy what you do.
Whatever you want to do, always have an insight that you can be the best. Be it an artist, a model, an architect, a poet, a writer, a politician, a manager, a doctor, a nurse/nurse consultant, a radiographer....whatever.

But if you prefer what your parents want you to study/do, then also put your heart to it and you can be the best at it - most importantly follow your heart and rely on God for direction.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Me and MTN

Hello lovelies

I've been fine, thanks for asking in your minds.

First up, I missed the bloggers meet up in Lagos which was kinda annoying/sad because I found out on the day and time was far spent so I glued my butt to my chair. Wish I knew a bit earlier, that would have spiced my holiday too but.....huge sigh.

Moving on......
One thing that has really annoyed me in the past weeks is how Nigerians/ Lagosians like to moan. They moan about EVERYTHING and anything. Although some things are worth moaning about but wait ....what are you doing to make it better?

A visit to the MTN shop at the mall in Ikeja, I noticed people call it ICM now yeah?
Some people stood and some sat waiting for their number to be called, thank God someone spoke up so I knew we had to get numbers.
What did I go there for? Internet service. I had to sort my micro-sim out  but then I discovered it had expired, heaven knows how that happened (side-eye).
Anyway, the guy at the desk then said the system is down so numbers are not being generated. I simply looked down to ensure no ones foot was by chance in the way.  I left the store gently, some people just had to show how uncomfortable they were in the store because the oh so not smiling MTN staff there were almost slower than snails.
My theory, no matter how hard you squeeze your face, I don't think its going to make them work any faster.

I called MTN customer service centre, and boy the adviser could not have been 'ruder'. He was absolutely  RUDE!
I hate yelling or being rude to someone I do not know over the phone, so I was furious when this urchin kept questioning me.
Let's call the guy MTN person.

MTN person: Hello good afternoon, my name is MTN person. How may I help?
Me: (uses the loud speaker)Hi!  I'm trying to top my phone up but it won't let me and my cousin is trying to transfer the airtime over and it keeps telling her that transfers can't be made to a postpaid customer and I am not a postpaid customer.  Is there a way you can sort that out for me? (Cousins and siblings laughing out really loud in the room).
MTN person:  please take your phone off speaker. (Me: switches to handset) what's your name?
Me: Tee.....
MTN person: Okay how may I help you?
Me: (my facial expression at this moment was priceless, considering the fact that my people were being so loud I gave him the benefit....) uhmm ookkkaaayeeee. I'm trying to top my phone up but it won't let me and my cousin is trying to transfer the airtime over and it keeps telling her that transfers can't be made to a postpaid customer and I am not a postpaid customer.  Is there a way you can sort that out for me?
MTN person: Please take your phone off speaker (raises voice)
Me: I'm not using the speaker (Cousin walks over)
MTN person: take your phone off speaker!!
Me: (I was getting angry at this point) I'm not using the speaker, are you indirectly saying I'm lying? Baby T, can you hear the person I'm talking to?
BabyT: No.
MTN person: your phone is still on speaker
Me: maybe you should give the phone to someone else, they might be able to hear me better
MTN person: so are you saying I have hearing difficulties?
Me: Nope! you wont stop arguing with me over the speaker issue maybe you should give the phone to someone else.
MTN person: People have been calling to say they have issues with airtime and blah di blah 

Suddenly suddenly, he happened to have heard everything I said beforehand acted like the speaker was never a big deal.

I felt bad inside that I just had a mini go at someone I don't even know so I felt I had to end the conversation on a good note but....... Honestly I was too angry to care. 
He was unable to sort the issue out and it took a day or so to get airtime on and all that. 

Are they really that rude? Like what's the point?

I called earlier to ask about data plans but this lady spoke like she was reading off a script. And even before we asked all the questions, she already said 'thank you for calling MTN, do have a lovely day and she hung up. 

MTN, y'all need to get your act together. 

Missy Tee.
Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Marriage + Friend's wedding weekend narrated Part A - Long post alert.

Hey guys

Hope your summer is going well? Well my summer just started because the last semester just ended. Still working on twitter - @mizzitee.

My topic for today - Marriage and the youths.
Everyone seems to be getting married these days, it's like an anthem now when I hear people say 'I'm getting married. 
I attended a friend's wedding, met a few people.

Ghanaian Guy: I'd love to visit Ghana more often but love happened and I have to consider my wife as you know I'm married
Tee: *huge grin but dazed face inside* Oh yeahhh you have to consider her too.
Ps. my  love for Ghana is unconditional.

GG looks so young but he had his shiny band on his finger.

Second friend is getting married in 2 months and I looked at the one too like WHAT?!

I met someone else at my cousin's and he said he's getting married in a few months and I looked at him with a smile and said oh congratulations. Once he  left the room, I said to everyone else - everyone is getting married.

Who else is getting married or better put, who else is engaged? Dr Sid and Simi , Peter or Paul and Lola, Jennifer Aniston and Justin.

It's a good thing anyway.

Marriage has always been something regarded as 'for adults' and back in the day, men were at least 30 years old when they got married. There are still people like that of course but also guys men aged 25 and above are getting married.
Are people getting younger? Am I too traditional? What's the 'right' age for people to get married?
I spoke with the 'second guy's' fiancée who is an absolute darling, very very nice. I tried to indulge her in my ice cream and chin chin mixture, she'll try it I'm sure.

Me: Are you ready for your wedding, the day?
SGF: Not ready for the day but ready for marriage.
Me: Hmmm I see.

But seriously, it's making me dizzy. Marriage is good thing, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth!


I always thought it was a process;
Guy meets girl
They both grow together
Guy makes up his mind
Guy and girl too get financially, spiritually stable - this is the most important bit to mentors and 'elders'.
Guy makes the move
Girl agrees
Did done.

I used to think people had to be together for a long time to make the big move but people are together for two years now and they are married the following year.

You can tell how traditional this girl is.

Is it just me or people are getting married really early these days?

The topic above was triggered by a wedding I attended two Saturdays ago and it was splendito. First wedding in a couple of years that I could physically attend.
It all started on Friday evening, I finished for the day and it was time to hit the road, well more like train tracks.
We (le sisto and moi) hopped on the train, it was so full. One woman and her son were both watching different series or something on their individual apple devices which I thought was cute. Ps. is anyone a Scandal follower?

I do not know what Scandal has got to do with the topic - weddings. Let me act like I know nothing.

Anyways they both kept unconsciously kicking me and being Miss Nice Girl, I kept smiling and saying 'oh it's fine, don't worry' blah di blah.
Ps. I really should give le sisto a nickname here, let's call her errr...thinking.......booting.....loading......uhmm let's call her le sisto, can't think of anything else.

An hour later, we hopped off and walked out of the station and gosh the city (I won't mention the city because I do NOT want to offend anyone) was so busy and when a city is 'full', what do you expect? litter. They sure keep the council busy, the town centre was just unbelievable.

Sorry!!! back to the topic now.

The couple were at their rehearsal so we went to join them there, we got there pretty much after *whoops!*

Why do people have rehearsals though? Isn't it supposed to be a natural moment/event? 
Question: will you be having a rehearsal?
We met the groom (le sisto's friend), yes I tagged along. He introduced us to the rest of the bunch and they were/are all absolutely amazing people, we all became so close, it was surreal.
And guess what? the bride's brother and I attend the same Uni. He said something like 'my face looks so familiar' and I gave him the seriously look? Anyways he remembered me and we moved on. 
Then it was time to journey to the hotel, man was it far away? 
We went back into town, stayed out for a bit and then finally TRAVELLED to the hotel. We hit the motorway and all I kept thinking was I hope we don't have to journey this far in the morning. No we didn't, thank God.

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